Chrome Finish Upvc Window & Door Hardware

Are  you thinking of starting UPVC fabrication ?

If yes, then you already know there is stiff competition in UPVC fabrication since this is one of the richly growing field.

So what is it that will give you the edge among others and make yourself visible in the field of UPVC Fabrication?

Today we are going to tell you exactly this.

Not only will this idea beautify your UPVC doors and windows but also it will surely impress your customers.

Well you might have noticed that the hardware products  for UPVC are mostly white in colour and only in some rare cases, like in the case of wood finish window there are limited colours hardware available.

But are you aware of the fact that UPVC hardware items  are also available on chrome finish?

Yes you read that correct. However it is also worth mentioning that these chrome finish hardware is not available with all the hardware sellers and dealers.

It is available with only a few hardware dealers, the contact of which will be provided to you when you purchase the machines from Saicon.

We not only provide you training videos but also videos regarding the newest of innovations from our Research and Development team to keep you ahead in your business.

You can have a look at chrome finish hardware in the video above.

Give your UPVC Windows and Doors a sophisticated look with chrome finish hardware and never fail to impress your customers.

How to order Upvc Profiles

This video expalins you about how to order Upvc Profiles for making Upvc Windows and Doors in a simplified manner, so that you are not left with a lot of profile stock that mis-matches with your current stock.

How to order Upvc Profiles

This video explains to you about how to order UPVC profiles for making UPVC Windows and Doors in a simplified manner, so that you are not left with a lot of unused profile stock that does not match with your current stock .

It is very important to understand the ratio in which you should order your Profiles so that there is no stock wastage and material mismatch.

For example, if you are not aware of the stock ordering ratio, then you might end up ordering varying amount of UPVC Profiles like frames, sash etc.

This is a very common problem not only for new fabricators but also for established fabricators. Today we are going to tell you a simple technique to avoid this.

When you are ordering profile for Sliding Windows, the ratio of the sash is only one and a half times more than the frame and the ratio of the sash and glass bead is the same and the ratio ratio of the interlock is half of the ratio of the frame.

So if we follow this ratio for sliding window then the amount od dead stock can be minimised to a great extent.

Follow video for calculations of ratio.

For Casement Windows  the ratio of the frame and sash is same and so is the ratio of bead. So if you order one piece of frame, you need to order one piece of sash and one piece of glass bead. If ypu want to order mulian then you can order half piece mulian for the above mentioned ratio.

This might not be the exact and perfect ratio since designs, shapes and sizes of windows can vary but this method is applicable for most windows and this can help you minimise at least 80% of your dead stock and save you from the wastage of your resources.

Hope this video will prove beneficial for you so that you can order sensibly the next time you order your profiles.

Is Upvc Window Fireproof?

Before we start this discussion we have to understand that there is nothing called ‘Fireproof’ in this world. As fire is one of the five basic elements with which all matter and materials are made up of on planet earth, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space.

So it is impossible to completely stop any of these elements permanently. But you can definitely make it resistant towards them up to a certain extend.

If any company sells you any product by promising you that their product is fireproof then I think you need to re-think buying the product from them.

UPVC Window and Door Profiles can be fire-resistant up to 2 hours (depending on the quality of Upvc Profiles you are using).

So it is highly recommended before you decide on a Upvc Profile Company you should make sure that the fire resistance capacity of the Upvc Profile is up to 2 hours.

Upvc Designer Profile

Innovation has always been a stronghold of SAICON. We Team SAICON always strive to bring the best of products for you. We are also the only company in India and among the few companies in the world who has a dedicated R & D facility in Kolkata where we continously try and innovate newer products in the field of Upvc Window & Door making for our fabricators.

Among a lot of other innovations that we have made, our recent innovation has been Designer Upvc Profiles on which we have made the video below.

This is the first of it’s kind that Upvc Window has been made incorporating Marvel Comic Characters like Spiderman and Batman on Upvc Profiles.

Upvc Window Profile
Upvc Designer Profile

When you buy Saicon Upvc Window Machines from us, we teach you how to do all these innovative works of art alongwith making your conventional Upvc Windows and Doors.

These Upvc Profiles can further be blended with any other cartoon characters (for kids), pattern designs (for young members of the family) as well as pictures and stories of Gods and Godesses (for the elderly members). The possibilities are endless…………

Do go through the below video…….and contact us to setup your Upvc Window Factory today 🙂

Video on Designer Upvc Window Profile

Semi Automatic Upvc Window Making Machines Vs Saicon Portable Upvc Window Making Machines

In this blog we will be doing a detailed comparison between SAICON Portable Upvc Window Making Machines vs Semi Automatic Upvc Window Making Machines.

If you do not wish to read through the blog text, you can skip the text and check the video below this blog text.

For this comparison to be fair and transparent, we decided to visit a factory which uses Semi Automatic Upvc Window Manufacturing Machines and get to know from them what are the challenges faced by them using their Semi Automatic Upvc Window and Door manufacturing machines.

We have also taken care that the fabricator whose factory we decided to visit is a experienced one. In this case, the Upvc Window Fabrication Company that we chose has a working experience of 13 years.

So lets start with the first machine that we see over here, and that is a glass bead cutting machine.

As you know SAICON teaches you how to cut glass beads using the miter saw cutting machine itself. So you do not require to invest in a semi automatic glass bead cutting machine shown below.

Semi Automatic Glass Bead Cutting Machine

The second machine that we came cross is a double head cutting machine. Now here lies a small difference. The set of machines that we provide you in our Portable Upvc Window Manufacturing Unit is a single head cutting machine, which is more than sufficient for your production needs. But if you want a higher production quatity in cutting, you can also opt to buy another Single Head miter saw cutting machine which will eventually provide you with the same production quantity as a Double Head Cutting Machine at less than fraction of a cost.

Double Head Cutting Machine

The third machine that we came across in their factory was a V cutting machine. Now this process of V Cutting, V Welding and V cleaning is a very elaborate and time consuming process. Buying so many machines just to do such a small job of V welding as per me does not make sense. So we teach you how to do mechanical joint using cutting machine only. So you do not need to go into the detailed process of V Cutting, V Welding and V Cleaning.

V Profile Cutting Machine

The fourth machine that we saw was a interlock slot cutting machine. Now this is a very simple process which can easily be done using a chisel and don’t worry we teach you how to do this in the detailed training video of 3.5 hours that you get from us alongwith SAICON Portable Upvc Window Manufacturing Unit.

Upvc Interlock Punching Machine

Now comes the fifth machine which was a waterslot machine. Now the problem with most semi – automatic waterslot machines are that they cannot drill waterslot in the middle track of 2.5 Track Frame or 3 Track Frames. But this problem is easily solved when you use SAICON Portable Upvc Window Manufacturing Machines. As we have a dedicated machine just to make waterslots on the middle track of 2.5 Track Frame or 3 Track Frames.

Semi Automatic Waterslot Machine

Now we came across one of the most important machines and that is the upvc corner welding machine. The machine that they had in their factory was a semi automatic four head upvc corner welding machine. But the main problem with semi automatic welding machines are that they are table top. So when you need to weld a big sized frame of a upvc door or window, the extended loose portion of the frame that is extended outside during the upvc corner welding process tends to sag because of it’s own weight and a few extra people are needed to hold the frame while someone does the welding.

But with SAICON Portable Corner Welding Machines there is no such problem. No matter how big the frame is you can always put in on the ground and weld them very easily. Our fabricators have even made frames as big as 12 feet x 19 feet using our Portable Upvc Corner Welding Machine.

Four head upvc corner welding machine

Then we arrived at the Semi Automatic Corner Cleaning Machine. This machine cleans the excess burnishings of the Upvc Profile corners after welding. The problem that these Semi Automatic Corner cleaning machines have is that the depth of the corner cleaning groove made on top of the profile cannot be adjusted according to your preferance.

But with SAICON Portable Corner Cleaning Machines you get a aditional advantage of adjusting the depth of the corner cleaning groove that you make after the Upvc Corner Welding has been done.

Semi Automatic Upvc Corner Cleaning Machine

Last but not the least one must remember that all semi automatic or automatic upvc window fabrication machines require a big and powerfull air compressor to run them. But with SAICON Portable Upvc Window Manufacturing Machines you don’t need to worry about that, as all SAICON Upvc Machines are fully electric and hence do not need any air compressor to run.

My sole motto here is to not demean Semi Automatic Upvc Window Manufacturing Machines but to clearly make you understand a comparative analysis on the advantages that you get in a SAICON Portable Upvc Window Manufacturing Unit over other Semi Automatic Upvc Window Machinery Setups.

SAICON Portable Upvc Window Machines Vs Semi Automatic Upvc Window Machines (Part 1)
SAICON Portable Upvc Window Machines Vs Semi Automatic Upvc Window Machines (Part 2)

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Upvc Window Fabrication : Problem Solving 01

When you fabricate and install a upvc window or door there are many small problems that you can face from the client over time.

The problems might be very small but keeps on recurring again and again. Which compels you to visit your client time and again to resolve them temporarily………..

But again the problem crops up and you don’t understand how to resolve it permanently……

Fabricator Solvig a Upvc Window Installation Problem

Today in this video given below we will be discussing on one such problem which is faced by all upvc window or door fabricators as well as installers.

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