We at SAICON are one of the largest Portable Upvc Window & Door Making Machine sellers in the world. SAICON is headquartered in Kolkata city, West Bengal Province of India. We are the inventors of portable upvc window making machines having a experience of more than 9 years in the field of Upvc Window and door making.

Our machinery package includes not only Upvc Window Machines but also the training and sourcing of raw materials required to make the best quality upvc windows and doors.

When you buy the Portable setup of Upvc Window and door making machines from SAICON you will receive the following items along-with the machines:

  1. You will be provided with a Training Video of more than 3 hours along-with the machines. The tutorial videos show you how to make Upvc Windows and doors from the very basic. Even someone who doesn’t know anything about Upvc Window and door making can also learn and become a Pro after watching the tutorial videos given by us.
  2. You will also be given a contact-list of Raw Material suppliers (i.e. Upvc Profiles, hardware, reinforcement, gaskets etc) based all over the country. So that you can decide to buy the raw materials from whomever you like.

We at SAICON also are the only company who has a dedicated research and development department where we continuously try to develop new and innovative products in the Window and door industry. We have also developed lot of new products like Glass Jewellery, Scratchless, Freshon Window Mesh, Georgian Bars and many more, which has revolutionized the Upvc Window and door market as a whole.

We also regularly share videos of latest products, working techniques as well as problem solving videos through our website with our fabricators. So that our fabricators can stay updated along-with the trending markets.

So what are you waiting for?

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