What is Aluminium Track in Upvc Windows & Doors?

What is Aluminium Track and why is it used in Upvc Sliding Windows & Doors?

This is a very common question that I receive from aspiring Upvc Window fabricators.

Aluminium Track is the small metal guide rail that you often see on the bottom rails or bottom of the Upvc frame profile of Upvc Sliding Windows and doors. It is made out of aluminium and hence the name aluminium track. Aluminium track is also known as aluminium guide rail in the market.

Upvc Aluminium Track
Upvc Aluminium Track is used on the bottom of the Sliding Window or door frame profile
Upvc Aluminium track used in Upvc Sliding Windows and doors.

Now that you know what is a Aluminium Track and where it is used.

Its time to know when it is used during the fabrication of a Upvc Sliding Window or Door. In simpler terms, when is the right time to use a Aluminium Track in the making of a Upvc Sliding Window or Door and when can we skip the use of it.

First let us discuss about Upvc Sliding Windows.

If you are making a Upvc Sliding Window which is relatively small in size (window size less than 5′ x 4′) and you are also using glass of less than 6 mm in thickness. Then you can avoid the use of Aluminium Track in your Upvc Sliding Windows.

But if you are making a Upvc Sliding Window which has a glass thickness of more than 6 mm or if you are using Double Glazed Glass (D.G.U.), then it becomes mandatory to use a aluminium track in the bottom profile of your frame.

Aluminium Track used in Upvc Sliding Window with mesh

Now let us discuss about Upvc Sliding Door

Now read this carefully. Whenever you are making a Upvc Sliding Door irrespective of the thickness of the glass, it is mandatory to use a Aluminium Track in the bottom of the frame profile.

Skipping this would eventually lead to the damage of the bottom of the frame profile and you will be forced to replace the whole frame of the Upvc Sliding Door that you have made.

So please do not cut corners and skip the part of using a Aluminium Track during the fabrication of a Sliding Upvc Door.

One last thing, whenever you are using Aluminium Track or Aluminium Guide Rail in your Upvc Sliding Windows or Doors, always remember to use grooved rollers for the purpose. As flat type rollers will not be able to glide during the sliding of the window and door sash.

Check how a grooved roller looks like below:

Upvc Grooved Nylon Rollers for Sliding Windows
Upvc Double Adjustable Nylon Sliding Door Roller

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