How to check Upvc Profile quality?

Today we will be learning how to understand the quality of different Upvc window and door profiles of various companies.

Well there are lots of sophisticated ways and techniques to check the quality of a profile in laboratories or test houses.

But it is not always possible for a small fabricator to go around testing the quality of different upvc profile companies in laboratories or test houses. As the process can be very expensive and time consuming.

On the other hand, it is very important for a fabricator to know the quality of the Upvc profile he or she is using, as during the process of Upvc window making, the upvc profile is the most important ingredient used in it.

So is there a simpler way to quickly check the quality of a upvc profile that a company is providing us?

Well the short answer is yes, there is a way out 🙂

Let me explain you the process to go ahead.

First get the master catalog of all the profile companies you want to compare. Well, by master catalog I mean the fat catalog which has all the detailed drawings and weight charts of their upvc profiles.

Then open the page which has the weight and dimensional drawing of any particular type of a profile as given below:

Upvc profile master catalog

Now you will notice that when you compare the same profile of two different companies which has the same dimension, design and thickness. You will be surprised to see that both upvc profiles has different weights, as given below:

Upvc profile comparison

In this case, the company A has a lesser weight compared to company B. So now you must have made up your mind that profile of company B is of a superior quality than company A, right?

We have been taught since childhood that heavier means better. But that is not the case here.

Infact, the upvc profile quality of company A is far better than company B.

Now let me explain…..

Upvc profiles are made using a lot of components, namely pvc resins, calcium, additives, etc. But the components which maintain the highest ratio in a upvc profile are pvc resin and calcium.

Both pvc resin and calcium has different chemical densities. Calcium has far more chemical density than pvc resin making it much more heavier in weight than pvc resin.

But on the other hand, the cost of pvc resin is almost 10 times more than the cost of calcium.

So many upvc profile manufacturing companies try to mix a higher percentage of calcium during upvc profile extrusion than the prescribed limit. This is done to save costs as less use of pvc resins means lesser manufacturing costs and more profit. In the end, the extruded upvc profile becomes heavier in weight.

Now you might ask me, what is the harm in using more calcium?

Well, to understand this we have to go a step back. Calcium is used to give the upvc profile more rigidity. But overuse of calcium in upvc profiles makes it brittle and makes the upvc profile prone to cracking or breaking easily.

So this is the reason, the upvc profile quality of Company A (lighter in weight) is better than the profile quality of Company B (heavier in weight).

So next time you buy Upvc profile, do remember lighter is always better 🙂

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Published by Dr. Amit Chakrabarti

Dr. Amit Chakrabarti is the inventor of the world's first fully portable upvc window machine. He has been working in the fenestration industry for the 16 years and has been contributing continuously with new innovations and product developments in the door and window industry. He has also been awarded numerous awards from India as well as abroad for his achievements. He has also been awarded Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration by the pretigious National American University (NAU), Denver, U.S.A.

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