Upvc Window Reinforcement & the rumors surrounding it

Have you ever heard of GI Reinforcement? What is it actually? And what role does it play as far as UPVC windows and doors are concerned? Well there are many rumours in the market regarding GI Reinforcement but what are the rumours and how true they are let us try to find it. Let usContinue reading “Upvc Window Reinforcement & the rumors surrounding it”

Process of Marketing Upvc Windows & Doors

In this blog we will be discussing the best processes and ways to market Upvc Windows & Doors. I have seen many people who have opened their own Upvc Window making factory and have also invested and lot of time and money to select the required upvc window making machines, the area, the construction ofContinue reading “Process of Marketing Upvc Windows & Doors”

Experiment: Corner welding of solid upvc profile

In this blog we will be trying a experiment. You must have seen our other videos where you must have seen us welding normal upvc window and door profiles using SAICON portable upvc corner welding machine, which is successfully used by many people all over the world to make and manufacture upvc windows and doors.Continue reading “Experiment: Corner welding of solid upvc profile”

How to check Upvc Profile quality?

Today we will be learning how to understand the quality of different Upvc window and door profiles of various companies. Well there are lots of sophisticated ways and techniques to check the quality of a profile in laboratories or test houses. But it is not always possible for a small fabricator to go around testingContinue reading “How to check Upvc Profile quality?”

What is Aluminium Track in Upvc Windows & Doors?

What is Aluminium Track and why is it used in Upvc Sliding Windows & Doors? This is a very common question that I receive from aspiring Upvc Window fabricators. Aluminium Track is the small metal guide rail that you often see on the bottom rails or bottom of the Upvc frame profile of Upvc SlidingContinue reading “What is Aluminium Track in Upvc Windows & Doors?”

Guide to Casement Upvc Windows & Doors

Casement Upvc Windows & Doors also known as Openable Upvc Windows and doors. These type of windows and doors cost a little more than Sliding Upvc Windows and doors. This might be the reason Casement Upvc Windows and doors sell less than Upvc Sliding Windows and doors. The only important reason for customers to goContinue reading “Guide to Casement Upvc Windows & Doors”

Guide to Upvc Sliding Windows and Doors

Upvc Sliding Windows & Doors are the most common types of Upvc Windows and doors that are sold in the market. They are the most economical type of Upvc Window or Door design you can make and that is the very reason most windows and doors sold are mostly sliding. The frames of this kindContinue reading “Guide to Upvc Sliding Windows and Doors”