Upvc Designer Profile

Innovation has always been a stronghold of SAICON. We Team SAICON always strive to bring the best of products for you. We are also the only company in India and among the few companies in the world who has a dedicated R & D facility in Kolkata where we continously try and innovate newer products in the field of Upvc Window & Door making for our fabricators.

Among a lot of other innovations that we have made, our recent innovation has been Designer Upvc Profiles on which we have made the video below.

This is the first of it’s kind that Upvc Window has been made incorporating Marvel Comic Characters like Spiderman and Batman on Upvc Profiles.

Upvc Window Profile
Upvc Designer Profile

When you buy Saicon Upvc Window Machines from us, we teach you how to do all these innovative works of art alongwith making your conventional Upvc Windows and Doors.

These Upvc Profiles can further be blended with any other cartoon characters (for kids), pattern designs (for young members of the family) as well as pictures and stories of Gods and Godesses (for the elderly members). The possibilities are endless…………

Do go through the below video…….and contact us to setup your Upvc Window Factory today 🙂

Video on Designer Upvc Window Profile

Published by Dr. Amit Chakrabarti

Dr. Amit Chakrabarti is the inventor of the world's first fully portable upvc window machine. He has been working in the fenestration industry for the 16 years and has been contributing continuously with new innovations and product developments in the door and window industry. He has also been awarded numerous awards from India as well as abroad for his achievements. He has also been awarded Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration by the pretigious National American University (NAU), Denver, U.S.A.

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