How to order Upvc Profiles

This video expalins you about how to order Upvc Profiles for making Upvc Windows and Doors in a simplified manner, so that you are not left with a lot of profile stock that mis-matches with your current stock.

How to order Upvc Profiles

This video explains to you about how to order UPVC profiles for making UPVC Windows and Doors in a simplified manner, so that you are not left with a lot of unused profile stock that does not match with your current stock .

It is very important to understand the ratio in which you should order your Profiles so that there is no stock wastage and material mismatch.

For example, if you are not aware of the stock ordering ratio, then you might end up ordering varying amount of UPVC Profiles like frames, sash etc.

This is a very common problem not only for new fabricators but also for established fabricators. Today we are going to tell you a simple technique to avoid this.

When you are ordering profile for Sliding Windows, the ratio of the sash is only one and a half times more than the frame and the ratio of the sash and glass bead is the same and the ratio ratio of the interlock is half of the ratio of the frame.

So if we follow this ratio for sliding window then the amount od dead stock can be minimised to a great extent.

Follow video for calculations of ratio.

For Casement Windows  the ratio of the frame and sash is same and so is the ratio of bead. So if you order one piece of frame, you need to order one piece of sash and one piece of glass bead. If ypu want to order mulian then you can order half piece mulian for the above mentioned ratio.

This might not be the exact and perfect ratio since designs, shapes and sizes of windows can vary but this method is applicable for most windows and this can help you minimise at least 80% of your dead stock and save you from the wastage of your resources.

Hope this video will prove beneficial for you so that you can order sensibly the next time you order your profiles.

Published by Dr. Amit Chakrabarti

Dr. Amit Chakrabarti is the inventor of the world's first fully portable upvc window machine. He has been working in the fenestration industry for the 16 years and has been contributing continuously with new innovations and product developments in the door and window industry. He has also been awarded numerous awards from India as well as abroad for his achievements. He has also been awarded Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration by the pretigious National American University (NAU), Denver, U.S.A.

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